Wild Yam Cream Recipe

Wild Yam Cream is NOT for eating and the world of herbs and how they work is VAST. Do your own research before using herbs.

🌿Wild yam applied topically has been used by some women to help with hormone imbalance during menopause. To help night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, hot flashes, mysterious aches & pains and related stress. The wild yam cream recipe below is easy to make at home and is the same recipe as the wild yam cream offered here if you rather buy it than make it. 

No gatekeeping here. I love making things, like all the herbal recipes and herbal skincare recipes I share BUT I also love buying things that others create. 

🌿Wild Yam Cream Recipe
50grams of mango butter
75grams of wild yam & Vitex oil
(For wild yam & Vitex oil, fill a jar half full with dried herbs, cover with apricot, sunflower, or jojoba oil. Let infuse 6wks. Then strain and use in recipe.)

Melt the mango butter over double boiler. When melted remove from heat and add the wild yam root & Vitex oil.

Place in fridge to cool. Once cool whip to combine.

Add 10drops lavender and 10drops geranium and whip some more.

Scoop into jars.
The dried roses on top are optional but I do like the sweet touch they add.

Use a teaspoon sized scoop on wrists morning and night. Stop during your cycle. You’ll need to wait at least 6weeks to see if it’s working.

Again, herbs are vast. Do your research and consult with your health providers before using herbs, especially if you have pre-existing conditions.

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