Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

Recipe for Natural Plant Dye

2 cups water

1 cup raw material (or 1tbs powdered herb)

2 tbs white vinegar

Simmer water with the herb or vegetable matter for 10 minutes.

If your water gets too low add a little more if needed.

Strain the liquid into a jar and add 2 tbs of vinegar.

Soak boiled eggs in dye. The longer you soak the darker the color. Play around with this part and get the hue you want. 

Natural Dyes

Hibiscus powder-green/blue, becomes more midnight blue the longer you soak it.

Coffee-a rich earthy brown, soak it overnight for best results

Beets-pink, easy to get different shades of pink by adjusting the soak time

Green Tea-bright yellow, soak overnight for brightest yellow

Purple cabbage- blue, soak longer for brighter blue

Butterfly pea powder-blue


For Pressed Flower Eggs

Fresh flowers, cheesecloth, rubber bands or string, and boiled eggs

Press the fresh flower or plant leaf onto one side of the egg. 

Wrap the cheesecloth around the egg. Wrap it pretty tightly, to secure the flower in place.

Tie it securely on the other side of the egg. 

Dye your eggs as usual and when done soaking your eggs in the dye, unwrap them, peel off the flowers, and let them dry.




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