Honey Face Wash Recipe

Honey Face Wash Recipe

Wild Orange Honey Face Wash

I fell in love with this recipe upon using it and that is no exaggeration. It has three main ingredients; raw honey, glycerin, and castile soap and is pure sweet goodness for your skin.

This honey face wash is cleansing, non drying, and fun to make it. You can also tailor it to your skin’s changing needs by adding different essential oils. It is slightly sudsy and gets the job of cleansing done while leaving your skin soft and hydrated. It works with dry skin, sensitive skin, teenage skin, oily skin, and mature skin.

On its own castile soap can be too drying for many skin types. It can cause already dry skin to dry out more and cause oily skin to produce more oil in an effort to combat the drying effects of the castile. But when combined with raw organic honey and glycerin you get a face soap that is cleansing and moisturizing. Add a dash of wild orange essential oil and now you have pure gold to wash your rosy cheeks.

Honey has cleansing antimicrobial benefits and is highly moisturizing. The small amount of castile soap gives a nice little bit of bubbles to the honey face cleanser but not so much that your face feels dry or tight after. The glycerin also helps to cleanse and moisturize through its humectant properties.

To use splash a little water on your face and then pump a few pumps onto the tips of your fingers. Then gently work in circular motions over entire face. Rinse clean. Follow with your toner and moisturizer.

Honey Face Cleanser Recipe
3 tbs Raw Organic Honey 
½ cup Vegetable Glycerin
2tbs Liquid Castile Soap (unscented)
20 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil
5 drops Clary Sage Essential Oil

Optional Essential Oils

Oily Skin;

15 drops Lavender Lavender Essential Oil

5   drops Geranium Essential Oil

5   drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

Mature Skin

18 drops Lavender

7   drops Frankincense

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