Essential Oil Kitchen Spray Recipe

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Essential Oil Kitchen Spray Recipe

This is the recipe for a super simple kitchen spray using commonly used essential oils. 



Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle, label, and keep in the kitchen to freshen the air, lighten the mood, diffuse the sting of onions, and for general good smelling vibes.

2oz Spray Bottle
0.5oz Everclear
1.5oz Distilled Water
10drops of Rosemary Essential Oil
10drops of Lemon Essential Oil
10drops of Bergamot Essential Oil

You don’t have to put the sprig of Rosemary in, but it does lend a sense of magic to  your essential oil room spray.

*Everclear is used as the preservative. It has a high enough proof that using at 25% of your total recipe offers a way to keep your spray fresh.

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