Dog Paw Balm Recipe DIY

Dog Paw Balm Recipe DIY

Dog Paw Balm

Dog Paw Balm to protect those puppers paws in extreme weather or whenever they are seeming a bit dry. 

The recipe for this dog paw balm is super simple. The vegetable oils are easy to find at the grocery store and you can check your local apothecary for beeswax and containers (or order online). 

Dog Paw Balm Recipe

2tbs Sunflower Oil

3tbs Coconut Oil

4tsps Beeswax

1. Mix your ingredients. 

2. Add to your double broiler. Slowly bring them to a melt (slowly).

3. Pour into your tins.

4. Label. LABEL. Always label with what it is, what is in it, and when it was made. Even though I preach this, I still find jars and bottles with mysterious balms, herbal tinctures and oils inside. So take it from me, label them.

The Dog Paw Balm recipe is that simple.

To use it, rub the paw balm into your dog’s paws before heading out into the cold. The dog balm helps form a layer between your pupper’s paws and the elements. When you come back inside remember to wipe off the excess paw balm and/or any dirt/chemicals that may have been picked up along your travels.

You can also rub this into your dog’s paws when they seem dry and cracking.

*Note-I don’t add essential oils. Many of them, even if safe, are too strong for our little furry friends.

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