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DIY Autumn Wax Melts

I love summer and am always just as sad to see it go as I am happy for autumn to arrive. But this year with covid messing with our travel plans to see family, an intense heat wave, smoky skies from a bad Colorado forest fire, and our local swim spot being under construction I find myself a little more ready for all that fall brings.

I made these wax melts because I am always looking for ways to bring warmth and comforting smells into the home, especially during the cooler and darker months of the year. I find little soft lights, flickering flames, and spicy smells to be very soothing on cold days and dark nights.

I was so happy with the way these wax melts turned out, they look so pretty with the herbs and flowers sprinkled on, but I was also impressed with the way they release their scent when melting down. 

You are probably thinking why would I go buy a wax warmer/melter instead of just using a candle? I had the same thoughts which is partly why I made them (but also I am a sucker for pretty herby things that smell good). There are two great reasons for wax melts. One is that you can get an electric wax warmer so there is no worry about leaving a flame unattended, also they release an amazing amount of scent, and wax melts really do look pretty with the herbs and spices floating around in the warm wax. 

DIY Autumn Wax Melts

8oz Soy Wax 

0.25oz Ginger Essential Oil

0.25oz Cinnamon Essential Oil

0.25oz Orange Essential Oil

Small candy molds or wax molds can be found at Micheals (one ounce molds work best)

Calendula petals

Lavender buds

Cinnamon sticks

Rosehips (dried)

Pan for simmering water

Old pot for melting wax

Place sprinkles of your herbs in the bottom of the molds.

Place the wax in your old pot, then place the pot in a shallow pan of simmering water.

Once the wax has melted remove from heat. Careful not to let it get too hot. Go slow and remove from heat once melted. 

Gently pour just a thin layer into your molds. Let this harden. Then gently pour the rest of the wax into the molds. Once this layer begins to turn opaque, sprinkle the rest of your herbs and spices onto the top of the wax. If you sprinkle too soon the herbs will sink into the middle of the wax melt instead of sitting on top.  Allow the wax melts to fully harden before removing them. 

And now you have fall scented wax melts to bring a little spicy warmth to your hearth and home.


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