Organic Body Scrub Recipes for soft smooth skin.

Body Scrubs Recipes; Fine, Medium, Coarse

Body scrub recipes are all over the place, they may be the most common natural DIY out there and there is a good reason why. Body scrubs are basically the best thing ever, they are simple to make, leave your skin feeling soft, and the recipes are endless.

The recipes that follow fall into three basic categories. Fine scrubs, medium scrubs, and coarse scrubs. The skin of the body has different needs depending on its functions and therefore different levels of thickness and sensitivities. The delicate skin of the face does not need the coarse exfoliation of the sugar and salt scrubs. The crystalline shape of the salt and sugar is too sharp and jagged for the delicate thin skin of the face, but used on the heels of the feet it is perfect. While the fine scrubs are not going to be as effective on the thick skin of elbows and feet. The medium scrubs are great multi use scrubs but still not appropriate for the face.

Fine scrubs; face, sensitive skin, and delicate skin. Made with finely ground herb powders, clays, ground seeds, and oats.

Medium Grain Scrubs; great for all over body (except face). These are the all around multitasking scrubs. Made with fine sea salt, sugar, finely ground nuts, and coarsely ground grains like oats.

Coarse Grain Scrubs; great for calloused heels and feet, rough knees and elbows, and when a coarser scrub is needed. Made with things like ground nuts, coarse sea salt, seeds, and cane sugar.


Vanilla Oatmeal, Fine Scrub

5 tbs Apricot Oil

8 tbs Finely ground Oats

3 tbs Finely Ground Fenugreek Seeds

1 tbs Poppy Seeds

*drop of Vanilla CO2 for scent (optional)

Mix all ingredients and store in jar with tight fitting lid.


Coconut Coffee Scrub, Medium Scrub 

3/4 cup Coconut Oil
1/2 cup Ground Coffee
1/2 cup Sea Salt (or sugar)
1tbs Cocoa Powder
*drop of Frankincense Essential Oil (optional)

Mix all ingredients and store in jar with tight fitting lid. You made need to soften the coconut oil before mixing. 



Tea Tree Himalayan Salt Scrub, Coarse Scrub

Coarse Grain Scrub for Thicker Rougher Skin (think heels, elbows, knees)
1/4 cup coarse Himalayan Salt
1/4 cup coarse Sea Salt
1/4 cup Cane Sugar
1/2 cup Apricot Oil
*2 drops Tea Tree Essential (optional, anti fungal making it great for a foot scrub)

Mix all ingredients and store in jar with tight fitting lid.



***Always always always label, date, and list your ingredients on your jars! It saves a lot of questions later.

Sunflower Oil and Almond Oil can be substituted for the Apricot Oil, they are easy to find at the market and have very mild scents.








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I see you say to date your products, but what is the typical shelf life? Especially with ingredients like oats?


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