Sea Salt Bath Soak DIY

Sea Salt Bath Soak DIY


The combinations to make a sea salt bath soak are endless. In the recipe below we are using pink himalayan salt, sea salt, orange peel, lavender, and a few drops of essential oils.


Sea Salt (coarse or fine) 4tbs

Himalayan Salt 3tbs

Dired Orange Peel 1tbs

Lavender Buds 2tbs

Lavender or Eucalyptus Essential Oil 4drops

Small Jar


If you are using essential oils mix a couple drops into the sea salt before following the rest of the directions.

1. Layer half the sea salt into the jar.

2. Layer half of the lavender buds on top of the sea salt and follow this layer with the pink himalayan salt.

3. Layer the orange peel on top of the himalayan salt and follow this with other half of the sea salt.

4. Now top off with the rest of the lavender buds.


Now you have sea salt bath soak ready to give or use.

There are lot different additions for this recipe, like using calendula or roses, or lemon peel, or substituting in Epsom salt for sea salt.


Have fun with it!





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