Autumn Tidings

It is autumn here in the northern lands of Earth. Fall is wrestling with summer so that winter may give birth to spring from which summer may once again rise. Its an eternal dance of give and take. A hypnotic effect falls upon us as the day and night become balanced, prepping our spirits for the dark cold months ahead. Slowly the minutes of summer’s light slip away, stolen by autumn’s duty to deliver winter. But right now in autumn we don’t care. Right now we are caught up in the light of rusty sunsets and forests that glow with gold. We are feeling abundant with sunshine and summer harvests.

Just as the light and dark are balanced right now our perception is equally balanced. At this time we are seeing both the internal and external, the light and the shadow. The contrast is humbling and soothing. It is easier to see (and accept) at this time both light and dark and understand the existence of both, which is Nature. Our own nature and the nature of the universe. And again we feel complete.

We are feeling balanced. The tide of the Universe is neither too high nor too low. Its just right, as the earth dances her dance around the sun, as the sun dances its dance through the Milky Way, as the Milky Way spins its dance through the Universe, as the Universe dances its dance through the Uname-able. Intricately balanced to the very last detail, from the great big Cosmos down to the last Aspen leaf to fall.

The earth under our feet sighs with the relief of completion, and we as her children sigh along with her. Following her lead we surrender to the sense of completion falling over us and we settle a little closer into her embrace.

~Autumn Blessings to You

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